Battlefield Hardline

Electronic Arts stellt heute den Battlefield Hardline Patch 1.02 fĂŒr alle Xbox One, Xbox 360, sowie PlayStation und PC-Spieler bereit.

Battlefield Hardline Patch 1.02 soll u.a. div. AbstĂŒrze und Bugs bereinigen und er nimmt Änderungen an den Spawn-Punkten im Team-Deathmatch-Modus vor. Desweiteren arbeitetet man am Waffen-Balancing im Spiel und berĂŒcksichtigte vorwiegend das Feedback der Community.

Hier aber nun der komplette Changelog des Battlefield Hardline Patch 1.02 fĂŒr Xbox One:

– Bronze packs – changes made to the last slot drop to improve the chances of collectibles and vouchers rather than boosts.
– Silver packs – made the first 3 slots like a Bronze pack, and removed any chances of getting standard drops and increased the chances of collectibles for the last slot.
– Gold packs – made the first 4 slots as Silver pack, and removed any chances of getting standard items, drops advanced vouchers and greatly increased the chances of getting superior or distinguished items.
– Added the Prima Guide’s Gold Battlepack.
– Shortcut Battlepacks added.

– Adjusted the RPG to only have 1 ammo when picked up from a vehicle trunk and to have less splash damage.

Crash Fixes
– Fixed a crash related to some specific Nvidia based video cards.
– Fixed a crash that could occur in the customization screen.

– Bullet impacts near the player no longer cause camera shake in certain cases.
– Fixed an issue in the Hollywood Heights map that allowed players to grab cash through a roof in the Blood Money game mode.

– Fixed an issue where the Hotwire game mode was showing as available for the Hollywood Heights MP map.
– Adjusted Team Death Match spawns so player is closer to friendlies and further from enemies.
– Adjusted tickets to 600 for Conquest Small and 999 for Conquest Large.
– Added Conquest Large to the Growhouse map.

– Fixed an issue with server customization settings for certain game modes.
– Enable automatic muting of bad reputation users when they joining games with good reputation users.
– Rent-a-Server functionality added

– Added licenses for all items granted in the DLC shortcuts.

– Fixed an issue where players who finished Episode 1 in the single player trial needing to replay the level when continuing to play after upgrading to the full game.

– Fixed an issue were a squad leader gets disconnected and the new leader cannot kick members of the squad or disband the squad.

– Fixed an issue where players could bypass the timer at the beginning of the round during Rescue and Crosshair.
– Fixed issues where invites/joins were not functioning correctly if joining user performs invite/join after leaving a quick match game.

– Reduced the health of the couch and reduced the rate at which it can be repaired.
– Adjusted the criminal and law enforcement variants of the sedan so that they now take the same damage per bullet from weapons.

Weapon Tuning
– K10 – reduced start damage to 33 and end damage to 8
– Saiga, PTR 91, HCAR, and HK51 – reduced the amount of vertical recoil
– RO993 – increased the rate of fire to 850
– Jury 410 – increased the amount of damage per pellet to 20
– FMG9 – increased max damage to 25
– Battle Rifle ammo – increased min damage to 25
– AKM – bullet min damage decreased to 24

Änderungen fĂŒr die Xbox 360 entnehmt Ihr bitte der offiziellen Support Seite von Battlefield Hardline.


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