Sea of Thieves

Rare hat die Sea of Thieves Server wieder hochgefahren und Patch 1.0.6 für das Piratenspiel veröffentlicht. Was ich dabei erwartet, verraten wir euch jetzt.

In dieser Woche liefert der neue Sea of Thieves Patch die erste Welle von Kosmetika in Form von erweiterten Sets für Admiral, Bilge Ratte, Sea Dog und Sovereign.

Neben den neuen Kosmetik-Varianten finden Ihr hier je nach Region unterschiedliche Shop-Angebote. Keine Sorge, ihr könnt eure neue Bilgenratten-Ausrüstung in allen Regionen abholen, aber ihr müsst zu den alten Inseln fahren, um das neue Sovereign-Set abzuholen!

Neben weiteren Anpassungsoptionen enthält Patch 1.0.6 auch die regelmäßigen Leistungsverbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen.

Mit 1,36GB ist der Patch relativ klein und der Download sollte schnell erledigt sein.

Sea of Thieves - Patch Notes 1.0.6

Customisation Variety

  • Regional Stock – Shopkeepers in different regions now only stock certain item sets, due to some mistimed deliveries.
  • Strike a Pose – We’ve expanded our clothing range to include the Executive Admiral, Grand Admiral, Rotten Bilge Rat, Castaway Bilge Rat, Corsair Sea Dog, Ruffian Sea Dog and Imperial Sovereign sets.
  • Ship Shape – Multiple sets of ship cosmetics have been added to the shipwright stock. Now you can purchase and equip Grand Admiral, Castaway Bilge Rat, Ruffian Sea Dog and Imperial Sovereign ship customisation sets.
  • Ohh, Shiny! – Visit the weapon shops at the many outposts to find their stocks of Grand Admiral, Castaway Bilge Rat, Ruffian Sea Dog and Imperial Sovereign weapons. Fancy a new weapon style? We’re sure one of these will take your fancy!
  • “Launch Crew” Eye of Reach – In celebration of being at sea for a month, we’ve added a special weapon to the store. This limited edition item will only be available for two weeks, so grab yours while you still can at a very reasonable price of 1 Gold!


  • Tutorial Invulnerability – Players are no longer invulnerable during parts of the Tutorial when first launching the game.
    This should resolve confusion around players seemingly being invulnerable at outposts. We take all reports very seriously, so please log a Support Ticket and we will investigate further.
  • Skeletons Accuracy – When shooting cannons from islands at long distances, Skeleton accuracy has been reduced. We read your feedback that it was a little extreme… #SkellyOP!
  • Merchant Voyages – It is no longer possible to force Merchant voyages to request delivery to a specific outpost. Now you’ll have to earn your cheddar.
  • Sneaky Climbing – The bell on the small ship has been moved to the other side of the ladder, to avoid accidental ringing. We’re redecorating! With the Ammo Crate and Bell moved, what are we moving next?

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